Genre: Action.
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Two divers… One tank with 30 bars 40 meters underwater Who will return safely… Adapted from a wildly popular Manga series. A disparate group of 14 young Japanese Coast Guard officers are thrown together to spend 50 days of the hardest days of their lives training to become elite rescue diver.Until then,the trainees are “”Umizaru””,as they are called by the local community for their wild drinking and carousing in town.The bonds of trust and friendship forged under the intense demands and circumstances of the profession,form the foundation of a highly compelling and realistically potrayed human drama.The filmmakers’ emphasis on believability meant putting together an ensemble cast possessed with the same “”right stuff”” as the fictional characters they portray and real life rescue diver counterparts.In the lead role Daisuke Senzaki is a popular actor,Hideaki Ito,who himself owns a master diver’s license and enjoys both diving and surfing in his spare time.

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