Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”There’s nothing here. Just udon.”” The story starts in a town in Kagawa Prefecture, home to 1 million residents and 900 udon restaurants. Kosuke Matsui – an aspiring comedian and son of an udon noodlemaker – hates his small-town life, but hates udon even more. After a fight with his father, he goes to New York to launch his dream career as a stand-up comedian, but six years and one massive debt later he is forced to go home. When he returns, he finds nothing has changed — his sister still worries about him, his father is still pounding away at noodles, his friends are the same, and there’s still a bowl of warm udon waiting for him when he gets home. To repay his debt, he works at a publishing company where he meets Kyoko. Together they write a column about udon, which surprisingly kicks off an udon sensation across Japan, changing their lives. Especially Kosuke’s. Yusuke Santamaria – Kosuke Matsui Manami Konishi – Kyoko Miyagawa Tortoise Matsumoto – Shosuke Suzuki Katsumi Kiba – Takutomi Matsui Kyoka Suzuki – Mari Fujimoto Takeshi Masu – Masanori Otani Jin Katagiri – Kenjiro Mishima Jun Kaname – Kazuya Aoki Fumiyo Kohinata – Ryoichi Fujimoto

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