Typhoon, ??, Tae-poong, Taepung

Genre: Action, Suspense, Thriller.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Comrade, have you ever eaten human flesh?”” Typhoon tells the story of a refugee, Choi Myong Sin, who flees North Korea as a boy with his family. After being discovered in China, a South Korean diplomat under pressure from his government denies asylum to Sin’s family and secretly delivers them to North Korea. As the family tries to escape, Sin’s parents are gunned down, leaving only Sin and his sister, Choi Myeong Ju – with whom he is soon separated – to survive on their own. Embittered with the role that the two Koreas played in the death of his parents, Sin hijacks a U.S. cargo ship and steals a nuclear missile guidance system intending to use this arsenal to destroy both North and South Korea. Elite navy lieutenant, Kang Se-Jong, is ordered by the South Korean government to track down Sin and stop his plans. The future of the Korean Peninsula hangs in the balance. Dong-Kun Jang – Choi Myong Sin Jung-Jae Lee – Kang Se-jong Mi-yeon Lee – Choi Myeong-ju David McInnis – Somchai John David Dix – (voice) David No – Leather Jacket Chatthapong Pantanaunkul – Toto

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