Twins Effect 2,

Twins Effect 2,
Genre: Action, Martial-Arts, Supernatural.
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story tells about how men are treated like slaves while women rule, because the queen hated men. She thought that her lover, Wei Liao, had betrayed her and so she became evil. There is one man to overthrow the queen, the Star of Rex. He would be the owner of the Excalibur and bring back the balance of the two genders. * Jaycee Chan – Charcoal Head/ Star of Rex * Gillian Chung – Blue Bird * Charlene Choi – 13 Young Master * Wilson Chen – Blockhead * Edison Chen – Peachy * Jackie Chan – Lord of Armour * Qu Ying – Evil Queen * Donnie Yen – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon * Fan Bing-Bing – Red Vulture * Daniel Wu – Wei Liao * Xie Jingjing – Edo Bowman * Tony Leung Ka-Fai – Master Blackwood * Jim Chim – Palupa

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