Tokyo Sora,

Tokyo Sora,
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Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Six women attempt to make it in current day Tokyo, living their everyday lives the best and worst they can. For them, every little moment becomes a ritual of the ordinary and the exciting, a balancing act for their dreams and hopes as the days perpetually tug on their heartstrings. From a struggling artist who yearns for bigger breasts to a modern geisha who hopes to break it big as a writer, TOKYO.SORA is a somber story that explores the idiosyncrasies of the female condition in one of the most populated cities in the world. A contemporary story by first time writer/director, Hiroshi Ishikawa, that paints the lives of six women as they become connected by circumstance and environment. * Itaya Yuka * Igawa Haruka * Nakamura Ayano * Takagi Ikuno * Sun Cheng Hwa * Honjo Manami * Nagatsuka Keishi * Nishijima Hidetoshi

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