The War Of The Flower

The War Of The Flower, Tazza: the High Rollers
Genre: Crime, Thriller.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”He’s the best I’ve seen.”” A guy with a talent for cards makes his way into the dangerous world of underground gambling in this crime thriller from South Korea. Go-ni is a small-town guy with a big appetite for gambling. Convinced he?s on a hot streak one evening during a card game, Go-ni bets his life savings on a hand of ‘hwatu’, only to lose to a crooked cardsharp. Determined to get revenge, Go-ni sets out to find the guy who cheated him and win back his money. Based on Heo Yeong-man’s comic novel. ?Tajja/Tazza? is Korean slang for a gambler at the height of his powers. CHO Seung-Woo – Go-ni BAEK Yoon-Sik – Pyeong Gyeong-jang KIM Hye-Soo – Madame Jeong Lee Su-gyeong – Hwa-ran KIM Yu-Seok – A-gui KIM Eung-Su – Kwak Cheol-yeong

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