The Top Bet

The Top Bet, Du ba, All For the Winner 2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance.
Date: 1991
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Somewhat forgotten sequel to the blockbuster All for the Winner continues the story of “”Gambling Saint”” Sing, except there’s very little Sing in Top Bet. Shortly after trumping evil Hung (Paul Chun) in the previous film, Sing (Stephen Chow, in a bookended cameo) decides to take time off to travel the world. However, Chun isn’t about to go quietly into gambling obscurity; he reups with a Super King of Gambling Competition, and wacky triad Chun (director Jeff Lau), who backed Sing in the last film, wants Sing to participate. However, as mentioned in the opening sentence, there’s no Sing, meaning Uncle Tat (Ng Man-Tat, doing the patented Ng Man-Tat thing) finds his balls in a vise grip. Making matters worse is the fact that Tat can’t even contact Sing, meaning possible death via triad regulars. What’s a wacky mustachioed uncle to do? Luckily Tat has not one, but two options for Sing’s gambling replacement. First up is May (Anita Mui), who just so happens to be Sing’s sister. May has been sent by the Mainland to clean up Sing’s “”disgrace”” (using psychic powers for money = bad), and is leery of helping out Tat, but finds her own reasons for sticking around Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Tat looks to recruit the “”Queen of Gambling””, fishmonger Fanny (Carol Cheng). She purports to be a master of gambling, but is really nothing more than a cheap grifter (or a “”sharper””, in gambling parlance). The two girls go head-to-head with their powers; Fanny pretends to have them, and May tries to make Fanny look bad. Still, it’s all good for the motley bunch of Hong Kong pals; circumstances do arise which make banding together a virtual lock. Aside from the evil machinations of Hung (who hires his own Mainland psychic played by Lau Shun), there are heart-tugging personal issues. Fanny wants to win dough to help out her wheelchair-bound brother, and May is hot for a two-but thief (Kenny Bee in an overacting dopey performance). As you’d expect, they’ll join forces to do the evil guy in, AND make time for the settlement of their personal conflicts. It’s practically how all movies should end. Carol ‘Do Do’ Cheng Anita Mui Stephen Chow … Shing Kenny Bee … Bee Wah Yuen … Cameo Paul Chun … Hung Kwong Dion Lam Sandra Ng Kwan Yue … Ping (cameo) Fui-On Shing Corey Yuen … Fishy Shing

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