The Show Must Go On,

The Show Must Go On,
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Show Must Go On for Song Kang Ho as he takes on his first leading role after his award-winning performance in record-breaking blockbuster The Host. The versatile actor again takes on the role of a concerned father, but this time he also happens to be a gangster. In his first gangster role since 1997’s No. 3, Song Kang Ho is as impressive as ever, convincingly balancing his character’s tired, laconic nature with the emotionally escalating plot. A gangster melodrama with unflinching violence and uncommon depth, The Show Must Go On packs a hard punch with its witty dialogue, raw emotions, and wrenching narrative. At the helm is Han Jae Rim, who previously wrote and directed Rules of Dating. Kang In Gu (Song Kang Ho) just wants the best for his family, working hard to support the household and save money for a house. Slightly harried in a dark business suit, he looks like yet another anonymous middle-aged salaryman as he sets out for work every morning from his housing estate apartment. But In Gu’s line of work is bloody and messy. As a mid-ranking gang leader, he tries to balance work and family, but things aren’t going too well. His wife (Park Ji Young) and rebellious teenage daughter (Kim So Eun) are not happy about his job and, at times, embarrassingly rough demeanor. Meanwhile, a dangerous power struggle is brewing in the organization, and In Gu is caught in the middle of it all. Kang-ho Song – Kang In-goo Dal-su Oh – Hyun-soo Je-mun Yun – Noh Ji-yeong Park – Mi-ryung

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