The Letter

The Letter, Tegami

Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Focuses on two brothers who lost their parents when they were younger. The older brother works exhaustngly hard to earn enough money to send his younger brother to college. One day the older brother breaks into a house to get money for tuition and he accidentally kills an old woman. From here the younger brother?s tragic fate begins. Everything he has starts to slip away?his house, job, dream and lover?everything. But his older brother keeps sending letters regularly to tell of his life in jail. It is difficult to cut the bonds of brotherhood and he struggles to get out of his abyssal reality. Finally he meets a woman who saves him from his crisis. When he is in a threatening situation in which he is about to lose his small happiness with her he decides to cut the ?vicious chain of letters? which are being sent from inside of the walls of prison. Takayuki Yamada Erika Sawajiri Tetsuji Tamayama Kazue Fukiishi Mitsuru Fukikoshi Mina Hara

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