The Legendary Tai Fei

The Legendary Tai Fei, Guhuozai jiqingpian zhi hongxing Dafeige
Genre: Action.
Date: 1999
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Tai Fei is the notorious boss of pimps in Hong Kong’s red-light Portland Street district. Fei runs his business and his family with an iron hand, and deals with rivals with force and violence. A gritty drama based partly on reality. Tai Fei discovers he has a son and worse off is his son is a member and involved in the “”Tung Hing”” gang which deals in narcotics. Based on Kau Man’s graphic comic ‘Teddy Boy’ book series Anthony Wong Chau-Sang – Tai Fei Nam Wing Chan – Sai Benny Lai – King Chi-Sing Lam – Mike Kwan-Yee Lam – Ling Sammuel Leung – Chung Teresa Mak – Kei Ling-Ling Tsui – Fei’s son He Yuan – Shin Emily Zhao – May

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