The Lady Iron Chef

The Lady Iron Chef, Mei nui sik sung

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Popular TV stars HACKEN LEE and CHARMAINE SHEH turn the culinary world upside down in this hilarious comedy! SK(Lee) is the heir to a restaurant empire in love with Ceci(Sheh), a simple girl who sells beer at bars and only knows how to make instant noodles. But SK’s mother insists that her daughter-in-law must be a gourmet chef and wants her son to marry ace chef Jade instead. Enters Lady Green (Yuen Qiu from KUNG FU HUSTLE) who vows to unite Ceci and SK in marriage by turning her into the best chef in the world and defeating Jade in a gourmet showdown. Let the cooking begin! Charmaine Sheh – Muk-Tsui C Hacken Lee – S.K.To Alice Chan Hei-Yi Cheng Tat-Ming Cheung Lu Gao Chi Chung Lam Tats Lau Kin-Yan Lee Lik-Chi Lee Zuki Lee Winnie Leung Yang Liu – Mai Yuk-ying Chi Hung Ng Gill Mohindepaul Singh Patrick Tang Kai Man Tin Tian-lin Wang Jing Wong – Souza Man-Wai Wong – S.K.To’s mom Yut Fei Wong Qiu Yuen – Ching-har

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