The Human Condition II

The Human Condition II, Ningen no joken II, Ningen no joken III-IV, The Road to Eternity, Zoku ningen no joken

Date: 1959
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Second part of a trilogy. Conscientious objector Kaji, now forced to serve in the Japanese army during the Second World War, helps a friend defect to the Russians and nearly goes with him. But despite his opposition to war, Kaji does his best to serve as help and guide to the men in his charge, most of whom are doomed to fall to the relentless attack of Russian armored divisions. Tatsuya Nakadai – Kaji Michiyo Aratama – Machiko Minoru Chiaki – Onodera Izumi Hara – Head of Nurse, Sawamura Kaneko Iwasaki – Nurse Tokunaga Kokinji Katsura – Sasa Yusuke Kawazu – Terada

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