The Haunted School,

The Haunted School,
Parts: 2
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ever since a fire broke out in lap lan girl school ten years ago, there has always been a human silhouette on the wall, coupled with eerie singing in the middle of the night and an ureasonable rule that forbids students to fall in love. Rumours start to spread around the school. Under the new education policy, four boys, goh kueng,charles, ben and dick are assigned to lap lan girl school to continued their education. After a secret party, love blossomed amonged the youngster. Unknowingly, the relationships has revived a hidden curse which haunted the school ten years ago…………. In the meantime, the old scholl office which is destroyed by the blaze ten years ago, appear again with the ghost of the dean traced the lovebirds, confronting their mutiny against the school rules…………..

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