The Eye

The Eye, Gin gwai (Seeing Ghosts), Jian gui

Genre: Supernatural, Thriller.
Date: 2002
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Blind since she was two, Mun Mun gets a chance to see the world after a successful cornea transplant. All is peachy. Well, that’s until dodgy side effects begin to manifest.Yes, she starts seeing enough dead people to put Haley Joel Osment to shame and not all are quite friendly. With the help of a doctor, she goes on a journey to find the truth about the previous owner of her eyes. Angelica Lee – Wong Kar Mun (as Lee Sin-Je) Lawrence Chou – Dr. Wah Chutcha Rujinanon – Ling Yut Lai So – Yingying Candy Lo – Yee (Mun’s Sister) Yin Ping Ko – Mun’s grandmother Pierre Png – Dr. Eak Edmund Chen – Dr. Lo Wai-Ho Yung – Mr. Ching Wilson Yip – Taoist

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