The Customer Is Always Right

The Customer Is Always Right, “”Sonimeun Wangida””

Genre: Crime.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An Chang-jin is a barber, a third-generation barber, in fact. He chats with customers, cuts their hair, shaves them. His everyday life is so ordinary and dull at the peaceful barbershop, except that his wife is young and beautiful. Then, one day a strange customer, Kim Yang-gil, visits the barbershop. He has “”HATE”” tattooed upon each finger joint. He gets a shave, a haircut and demands money three times a week. The intimidator takes double money each time he visits. The barber gradually is driven into a corner and he wants to escape from the bully but it is beyond his capacity because he is smart, minute, violent, mean and sly. *Seon-gyun Lee as Lee Jang-gil *Gye-nam Myeong as Kim Yang-gil *Hyeon-a Seong as Jeon Yeon-ok *Ji-ru Sung as Ahn Chang-jin

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