The Battery

The Battery, Batter?

Date: 2007
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on Asano Atsuko’s best-selling novel, Battery brings audiences back to younger years and simpler sentiments. Director Takita Yojiro takes a big step away from the aesthetic of his previous films Ashura-jo no Hitomi and When the Last Sword is Drawn to present a heartwarming story about youth and baseball. In addition to young leads Hayashi Kento and Yamada Kenta, who were especially selected for their baseball talents, Battery features an impressive veteran supporting cast including Kishitani Goro, Sugawara Bunta, and Amami Yuki. Junior high student Harada Takumi (Hayashi Kento) is a pitching prodigy, but his attitude and arrogance alienates him from schoolmates and even his own family. His father (Kishitani Goro) is completely uninterested in baseball, and his mother (Amami Yuki) spends most of her energy fussing over his ill younger brother (Yarita Akihiro). Takumi finally finds a friend and partner in classmate Nagakura Go (Yamada Kenta), a catcher who greatly admires Takumi’s pitching. Together they form a “”battery”” and join the school baseball team, but the friends have a falling out after a loss, bringing the team to a standstill. At this time, Takumi’s brother becomes seriously ill, and his only hope is for Takumi to win the big game for him. Kento Hayashi – Takumi Harada Kenta Yamada – Go Nagakura Akihiro Yarita – Aoba Harada Misako Renbutsu – Mayu Yajima Masato Hagiwara – Makoto Tomura Misa Uehara – Kaoruko Ono Mari Hamada – Setsuko Nagakura Shinichi Yonetani – Sawaguchi Tatsuo Yamada – Kusanagi Sansei Shiomi – Ato Ittoku Kishibe – Headmaster Yuki Amami – Makiko Harada Goro Kishitani – Hiroshi Harada Bunta Sugawara – Yozo Ioka

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