Tell Me Something

Tell Me Something, ? ? ??, Telmisseomding

Genre: Mystery, Thriller.
Date: 1999
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When dead bodies in black plastic bags start turning up all over Seoul, Detective Jo and his partner Oh are called in to set up a special unit to capture the serial killer. Their number one suspect is mysterious Chae Su-yeon, a museum restorer who knew many of the victims. But the killer’s knowledge of surgical techniques becomes obvious and as more clues appear Detective Jo comes dangerously close to discovering the killer’s identity. Suk-kyu Han – Detective Cho Eun-ha Shim – Chae Su-Yeon Hang-Seon Jang – Detective Oh Jung-ah Yum – Seungmin Oh Seok-Hwan An Cheol-Ho Park Jun-Sang Yu – Kim Ki-yeon Hwan-Jun Lee

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