Tears, ??, Nanmul

Date: 2000
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A pair of Korean youths are thrust into premature adulthood in this controversial drama. Han is a teenage boy who doesn’t always fit in with his friends; while his pals are by nature macho and boisterous, Han is introspective and mindful of the feelings of others. When he and his friends sneak into a bar one night, Han ends up helping a girl named Sa-ri sneak out when things get out of hand and the boys want a group of girls to put on a strip show. Sa-ri is more hard-edged and independent than Han; while he lives at home with his mother, she has already been abandoned by her family and works at a “”hostess club”” run by short-fused gangster Yong-ho. Despite their differences, the two strike up a friendship, and while both are initially hesitant, a tentative romance begins to blossom. However, theirs is hardly a storybook romance; the two like to huff gasoline to get high and begin experimenting with sex (though Sa-ri will not permit Han to have intercourse with her). When Han chivalrously stands up to Yong-ho after he attacks Sa-ri, Han gets a severe beating for his troubles, which leads to ugly consequences for all parties concerned. Jun Han – Han Geun-yeong Park – Sa-ri Tae-gyu Bong – Jang Eun-ji Jo – Ran Ji-ru Sung – Yong-ho

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