Sway, Yureru
Genre: Mystery.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”What do you see?”” Mild-mannered Minoru runs a family gas station in Yamanashi, while his brash younger brother Takeru is a successful photographer living in Tokyo. Takeru returns home to attend their late mother’s memorial ceremony and soon after, he slowly re-acquaintances with his older brother and their childhood friend Chieko who now works for Minoru. One day Minoru invites Takeru and Chie to go to Hasumi Gorge where Takeru and Minoru often went there during their childhood. The area has luscious mountains divided by a river and an old suspension bridge that sways high atop the river. On that day Takeru goes on the old creaky suspension bridge ahead, leaving Minoru and Chie to follow behind. What happens after becomes the heart of this mystery: how did Chie fall to her death? Is it an accident? Or murder? With the circumstances of Chie’s death unclear, Minoru goes on trial for the possible murder and Takeru is called in as a witness. As the court investigation deepens, old secrets, true personalities and the truth of what happened that day are gradually revealed. J? Odagiri – Takeru Hayakawa Teruyuki Kagawa – Minoru Hayakawa Masat? Ibu – Isamu Hayakawa Hirofumi Arai – Yohei Okajima Yoko Maki – Chieko Kawabata

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