Genre: Action, Romance.
Date: 2001
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Tae-sik, who cleansed up the neighborhood back alley with his bare knuckle after dropping out of high school, is released on parole. The once sacrificial sheep of Tae-sik?s frank Min-seok has become a detective and Tae-sik?s henchmen friends have turned on each other?s back. As if have forgotten the old days he shared with them, Tae-sik only does what he wishes to do, which was written down on his crumpling small scrapbook. Tae-sik finds a warm shelter in the small neighborhood food joint ?Sunflower?, where Tae-sik handed his scrapbook to its owner before. Tae-sik tries to live a quiet new life with the lady who runs the restaurant and her daughter, Hee-ju. However, nobody believes him but the owner and her daughter of the ?Sunflower?. * Kim Rae-won * Kim Hae-sook * Heo I-jae * Kim Byeong-wook * Kim Jeong-tae * Han Jeong-soo * Ji Dae-han * Kang Seok-beom

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