Sukeban Boy

Sukeban Boy, Oira Sukeban
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Sukeban Boy that was written by Twitch’s own Todd Brown, a Fantasia Festival programmer: “”Sukeban has a problem. The foulmouthed, hard-fighting son of a biker, the teenaged boy has been cursed with the looks of a pop princess. The looks lead to teasing, the teasing leads to fighting, the fighting leads to expulsions – expulsions from every boys’ high school in the region. What’s a biker who’s nurturing conflicted feelings for his gender-confused child to do in such a situation? Simple! Dress the boy up as a girl and enroll him in an all-girls high school. But girls’ schools are strange, disturbing places and, within a day of arriving, Sukeban has been signed up for humiliation classes and forced to do battle with the various school gangs: the Pantyhose League, the No-Bra League, and – of course – the Full Strip League. Wasting no opportunities to spread jiggling flesh across the screen, is SUKEBAN BOY a blazingly funny parody of the schoolgirl fetish film, or simply one of the most memorable fetish films ever made? By the time the nipple clamps and breast guns make an appearance, you simply won’t care. Bizarre, hysterical and horribly wrong in absolutely all the right ways, SUKEBAN BOY is an unmissable guilty pleasure.””

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