Strawberry Shortcakes,

Strawberry Shortcakes,
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Satoko (Ikewaki Chizuru) just got dumped by her boyfriend, and works a thankless reception job at a call girl service. Her only consolation in life: drinking beer and mumbling prayers to a small stone which she has christened a god. Satoko’s death-obsessed call-girl friend Akiyo (Nakamura) sleeps in a coffin and is diligently saving up money for a fifth-floor condo – so she can efficiently jump out and kill herself when the moment calls for it. Her only consolation: drinking with her friend Kikuchi (Ando Masanobu) whom she secretly loves. Reclusive illustrator Toko(Iwase Toko) is thrown into a bitter binge-eating slump by the news of her ex-boyfriend’s imminent marriage, and by her current assignment to draw God. Toko’s roommate Chihiro(Nakagoshi Noriko) is an outwardly cheerful office worker who loves shopping, makeup, and her egotistical boyfriend (Kase Ryo), but the unrewarding relationship leaves her no less lonely than Toko. Anonymous faces in a big city, these four women struggle to find happiness on their own terms. Chizuru Ikewaki – Riko Noriko Nakagoshi – Chihiro Yûko Nakamura – Akiyo Kiriko Nananan – Toko (as Toko Iwase) Ryo Kase – Nagai Masanobu Ando – Kikuchi Tamiyasu Cho – Lee Kazushi Hosaka – Client Akito Inui – Client Yôko Ishino – Doctor Kiyomi Ito – Matsushita Asami Katsura – Sakie Ayaka Maeda – Michiru Tomomi Miyashita – Yuri Seminosuke Murasugi – Morio Hitomi Nakahara – Machiko Kouen Okumura – Tadokoro Taro Suwa – Client Mai Takahashi – Kondo Ei Takatori – Client Kenichi Yajima – Osaki

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