Soul Guardians

Soul Guardians, Toemarok
Genre: Horror, Romance, Thriller.
Date: 1998
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”I can read the mind of Satan, you know!”” A cult committed a mass suicide, leaving a pregnant women the only survivor. As she died on the operating table, doctors were able to save her newborn daughter. Twenty years later several people are found dead, the police believe it is the work of a serial killer and the only link among the victims is a missing finger. Three religious warriors with supernatural power believe that the devil has returned for the daughter, so they track her down and try protect her from the forces of evil. Based on Woo-hyouk Lee’s fantasy horror novel. Sung-kee Ahn – Park Shin-bu Hyeon-jun Shin – Hyun-am Sang Mi Chu – Seung-hee Hyun-chul Oh – Jun-ho

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