Sky Of Love,

Sky Of Love,
Genre: Romance.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Yet another member of taiwan boy band juggernaut F4 gets a big screen push in Sky of Love, a conspicuously close remake of the 2000 Korean film Ditto. Ken Chu is Jia Hui, a university student in 2003, who gets a ham radio call from Xiao Jia (Gigi Leung), a fellow university student who he assumes lives somewhere nearby. Sadly, he’s mistaken. Xiao Jia actually exists in 1981, and their ham radio connection is some amazing cosmic coincidence that allows the two to bicker needlessly and then later compare notes on their respective times. It also allows the two the opportunity to dissect the meaning of love, and how it relates to both of them. Xiao Jia is sweet on her class monitor Wen Tao, while Jia Hui has an obnoxiously pushy girlfriend/nemesis who pesters him constantly. Eventually, lessons are learned and growth is achieved, but not before the big twist which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who saw Ditto.

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