Sky High,

Sky High,
Genre: Action, Crime, Supernatural.
Date: 2003
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When Detective Kanzaki Kohei’s fianc?e Mina becomes the enigmatic serial killer’s latest victim, his mourning gives way to rage, sparking his search for the killer. While Kanzaki’s search turns into an all-consuming obsession, Mina arrives at the Gate of Rage where people who died of misadventure or murder go. She’s given three choices for her afterlife: Ascend to Paradise, languish on earth, or descend to Hell. Mina finds it hard to choose, so she’s given 12 days on earth to help her to make her choice. On earth as a spirit Mina keeps track of both her beloved fianc?’s desperate search for her murderer who’s continuing killing women. She soon realises her fianc? has plans to kill her murderer and this is the very last thing she wants for him because those who kill will go to Hell where they will be tormented for an eternity. Can she stop him? If so, how? Based on Tsutomu Takahashi’s manga. Yumiko Shaku – Mina Saeki Shosuke Tanihara – Kohei Kanzaki Takao Osawa – Tatsuya Kudo Kanae Uotani – Rei Eihi Shiina – Izuko Yumi Kikuchi- Shuho Kamiina

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