Shinobi No Mono 5

Shinobi No Mono 5, Ninja 5, Zoku Kirigakure Saizo

Genre: Action.
Date: 1964
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: On May 8, 1615 the summer campaign of Osaka has reached the climax. This film takes place immediately following Kirigakure Saizou. After Yukimura escapes, Ieyasu orders everyone to be killed. He gets a report after the battle that they are unable to find Yukimura`s body. He offers a big reward for the body. Hanzo reports that a small boat escaped from the castle with 3 men in it. Tokugawa Ieyasu deduces that it must have been Kirigakure Saizou and Yukimura and that they will go to Satsuma. Hanzo orders his ninja to wait until night before attacking the boat. That night as Saizou guides the boat to land through thick fog, he detects that they are being followed by several boats. Saizou enters the water and swims back to see Hanzo`s men following them. He manages to dispatch several of his opponents using shuko (hand claws), but Yukimura`s son Daisuke is struck with shuriken and collapses before Saizou can return to their boat. Pouring oil into the water and lighting it as a distraction, Saizou and Yukimura manage to escape. At Satsuma, Yukimura explains that the way to win wars from now on is to use guns, but it`s difficult to find high quality firearms like the ones made at Tanegashima (an island in southern Japan renown for its firearms production). He explains that they must determine the secret of the Tanegashima. A merchant stops by to show off his new gun that will shoot 3 rounds at once. Lord Shimazu orders Iehisa to send a message to their allies that the revolution is near. They assume that Ieyasu will be appointed as Dajo Cabinet Minister and when he is, he will stop by Kyoto to accept the position. That is when they must make their move. At Sunpu, Tokugawa checks the quality of some Tanegashima products. In an audience with Ieyasu, Iehisa is told that they know that someone named Minami Hirayuki (Yukimura) is staying at their castle. Iehisa is not sure who told him about that since there were only 3 people around when they discussed the plans for rebellion. Saizou intercepts a messenger who is carrying a message that reads `Iehisa is in secret discussions with Yoshihiro.` Saizou also eavesdrops on the conversation between a young girl and one of the messengers who used to be her gardener. The man gives her a bird that he shot near the border and she returns to a kenjutsu dojo where she presents the bird to her father who is the instructor. He asks her if he shot it near the border and she verifies this. Isaikan is the kenjutsu instructor for the Shimazu clan……. Raiz? Ichikawa – Saizo Kirigakure Yukiko Fuji – Akemi Shiho Fujimura – Shino Saburo Date Eitar? Ozawa Katsuhiko Kobayashi Tomisaburo Wakayama – Sanada Yukimura (as Jo Kenzaburo)

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