She’s On Duty

She’s On Duty, Jambok-geunmu

Genre: Crime.
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Stephen Chow’s Fight Back to School, re-set it in an all-girl’s school in Korea, and add a sexy female protagonist, and you’ll have some idea of what writer/director Park Kwang-choon (Madeleine)has in store for you in his entertaining action comedy, She’s On Duty! Kim Seon-ah (S Diary, Wet Dreams) plays a female detective who has to go deep undercover as a high schooler in order to thwart a plot by the Japanese Yakuza to traffic teenage girls as sex slaves! Not content to save just the girls from a life of prostitution, Kim’s character even lends a hand in squashing in-school violence, giving a performance that has earned raves from nostalgic audiences longing for the “”good ol’ days”” of high school. Also featuring performances by Gong Yoo (My Tutor Friend), Nam Sang-mi (Too Beautiful to Lie), and Park Sang-myeon (My Wife is a Gangster), She’s On Duty is one film that goes straight to the head of the class! Seon-a Kim … Chun Jae-in Yu Kong … No-young Sang-mi Nam … Seung-hee Jung-woo Ha … Detective Cho Sang-Myeon Park … Class teacher Ju-hyeon No … Detective Chun Kap-su Kim … Cha Young-jae Bul-am Choi Su-a Hong Ji-woo Kim Sang-ho Kim … Detective Kang Beom-su Lee … Detective working on maths exam Sa-Pi Lee Ya-mi Lee Kwang-rok Oh … Bae Doo-sang

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