Seopeuraijeu, ?????, Surprise Party, Surprise
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2002
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ha-Young has been charged with an unenviable task: she must distract the boyfriend of best pal Mi-Ryung from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. He’s arriving at the airport early, but Mi-Ryung needs the extra time to convince her father to give way to their planned marriage and accompanying surprise birthday party. The boyfriend, Jung-Woo is half-Hawaiian, which angers Pop. Ha-Young needs to keep Jung-Woo busy, but can’t let on why or she’ll give away the surprise of the surprise party, thus rendering it just a regular party and not the intended surprise one. Got it? Ha-kyun Shin – Kim Jeong-woo Yu-won Lee – Wang Ha-yeong Min-hie Kim – Hwang Mi-ryeong Hyeong-jin Kong – Du Hyeong Hyo-jin Kong – In-ju Hak-cheol Kim – Mi-ryeong’s husband

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