Sarutobi Sasuke And The Army Of Darkness,

Sarutobi Sasuke And The Army Of Darkness,
Genre: Martial-Arts.
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Heaven Chapter. Koga Ninja vs Iga Ninja Action! At the end of 1614 (19th year of Keityo), Toyotomi entrenches himself in the impenetrable Osaka le, while Tokugawa Ieyasu extends his sphere of influence. The Toyotomi side is overwhelmed by the Tokugawa forces, so Toyotomi finally accept his fate. For Toyotomi, the fall of Osaka castle was evitable. Sanda Yukimura and his right hand, Sarutobi Sasuke, plan to assassinate Tokugawa Ieyasu. Sasuke gathers excellent ninja from all over the country and begins their deadly training. The survivors of the training become the “”Army of Darkness”” (Yami no Gundan) with the sole purpose of assassinating Ieyasu. Stars the legendary Matsukata Hiroki and directed by Miyazaka Takeshi of Swordsman Ginji.

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