Sars Wars

Sars Wars, Khun krabii hiiroh, Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror.
Date: 2004
Parts: 3
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The SARS Virus has evolved into a form of Super SARS, only this time it brings its victims back from the dead as hungry SARS zombies. A condominium in Thailand becomes a quaratined infection zone, and a team of doctors and commandos is sent to control the situation. In the same building Liu is being held hostage, and her father, a business tycoon, has sent Khun Krabi to rescue her. Suthep Po-ngam – Master Thep Supakorn Kitsuwon – Khun Krabii (as Suppakorn Kitsuwan) Phintusuda Tunphairao – Liu Lene Christensen – Dr. Diana Andrew Biggs – Sars zombie Naowarat Yuktanan – Minister Ratsuda

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