Royal Tramp I

Royal Tramp I, Lu ding ji, Luk ting kei

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1992
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story of Wilson Bond, a pimp who after saving Chan, the leader of the Heaven and Earth society, a revolutionary group, is made a member. After a botched first assignment for the group, he is made a servant to the Prince, the very person the Heaven and Earth society want to overthrow. Stephen Chow – Wei Siu Bo Cheung Man – Empress Dowager/Lone-er Chingmy Yau – Princess Kim Ning Sandra Ng Kwan Yue – Sister Bond Fennie Yuen – Shang’er Twin Ng Man Tat – Hoi Tai Fu Chan Pak-cheung – Duran Vivian Chan – Shang’er Twin Paul Chu – Ng Sam Kwai Damian Lau – Chan, Master of the Heaven & Earth Society Brigitte Lin – Lone-er Elvis Tsui – O’Brian Wan Siu-Lun – Prince Ning

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