Rob-B-Hood, ????, ????, Bo bui gai wak, Project BB

Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The film follows a group of thieves made up of Thong, Octopus, and Landlord. They steal for different reasons. Thongs is a compulsive gambler who faces debt collectors at his door. Octopus spends his fortunes to court a rich girl. Landlord does not spend his loot, but saves all of it and keeps it in a safe in his house. After Landlord’s house was broke into and all his savings stolen, he was desperate to regain his fortune and accepted a job offer that will pay him in huge sums. At the same time Thong and Octopus were both in desperate need of money again, and they went for the job without knowing the details. Only after breaking in did they know that Landlord was asked to steal a baby, and return it to the baby’s alleged grandfather, who is also the head of a Triad. When they were on the way to hand over the baby, they ran through a police road block, resulting in a car crash. Landlord was hospitalized and kept in police custody because of the accident, while Thong and Octopus was forced to take care of the baby, deciding that it will be best to hold on to their prize before the Landlord is released. They faced challenges from all fronts, including the Triads, Thong’s creditors, Octopus’s wife – and of course, the baby they’ve stolen. Jackie Chan – Fong Ka Ho / Thong Louis Koo – Octopus Yuanyuan Gao – Melody Michael Hui – Landlord Biao Yuen – Steve Mok Baoguo Chen – The Triad Boss Teresa Carpio – Landlady Convoy Chan Chi-Chung – McDaddy Charlene Choi – Bak Yin Hayama Go Feng Ku – Thongs’ father Andrew Wei Lin – Calvin Hoi Lin – Calvin Bey Logan – Emergency Room Doctor Ken Lo Mike Moh Johanna Olson – Mel Jason J. Tobin Nicholas Tse – Security Agent Courtney Wu – Maternal grandfather Daniel Wu – Brokeback Security Agent Cherrie Ying – Man Yee Terence Yin – Max

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