Reversal Of Fortune

Reversal Of Fortune, Yeokjeone Sanda

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: His life in shambles after youthful dreams of becoming a golf champion yield disappointing results, bored stock exchange worker Seungwan receives a second chance at success after a freak accident puts his life back on track. Severely beaten after inexplicably angering local mob boss Ma Gangseong, Seungwan passes out after meeting a man who appears to be his clone. Upon regaining consciousness, Seungwan learns that the life he knew is no more; he is no longer a miserable failure, but a famous golf champion. Though his marriage had been heading down a rocky road for some time, his newfound success and passion finds him and his wife Jiyeong falling back in love. Though everything suddenly seems to be falling into place for Seungwan, an upcoming golf championship threatens to unravel his ideal world unless he is able to pull it all together for one shot at a life of happiness. Seung-woo Kim – Kang Seung-wan Ji-won Ha – Han Ji-yeong Seong-jin Kang – Dae-shik Mun-shik Lee – Ma Kang-sung Ho-kyung Go – Seon-joo Chang Jung Lim – Police Officer Yu-jin Lim Kwang-jung Park

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