Returner, Ritana, Ritaanaa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, SciFi, Thriller.
Date: 2002
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Go! The future is in your hands!”” After an alien invasion, a young female soldier travels back in time from the year 2084 to 2002. Her mission is to seek out a Tokyo bounty hunter named Miyamoto to help her stopping an incident that led to an alien invasion of Earth and slaughter of the majority of the human race. Takeshi Kaneshiro – Miyamoto Anne Suzuki – Milly Kirin Kiki – Xie Goro Kishitani – Mizoguchi Yukiko Okamoto – Dr. Yagi Mitsuru Murata – Mizoguchi’s Henchman Kisuke Iida – Karasawa, Mizoguchi’s Henchman Kazuya Shimizu – Murakami, Mizoguchi’s Henchman Chiharu Kawai – Liu’s Interpreter Dean Harrington – Dr. Brown Xiaoqun Zhao – Slave Merchant Masaya Takahashi – Liu Laoban, Chinese Godfather

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