Rebels Of The Neon God

Rebels Of The Neon God, Ch’ing shaonien ne cha

Date: 1992
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kang is a high school student who gets involved in a series of absurd chases through the decaying concrete jungle that is Taipei. With little interest in scholastics, Kang hangs around at Shimanding where he meets Ah Tze, a small-time hoodlum, who previously destroyed Kang?s father?s car. It all starts when he smashes up Tze?s beloved motorcycle in retaliation. Accidentally crossing paths on that night, Ah Tze and Kang become adversaries in a ridiculous game of cat and mouse. Chao-jung Chen – Ah Tze Chang-bin Jen – Ah Bing Kang-sheng Lee – Hsiao Kang Yi-Ching Lu – Mother Tien Miao – Father Yu-Wen Wang – Ah Kuei

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