Rashomon, ???, Rashomon, Rasho-Mon, In the Woods

Genre: Crime, Suspense.
Date: 1950
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”People forget the unpleasant things. They only remember what they want to remember.”” In 12th century Japan, a samurai and his wife are attacked by the notorious bandit Tajomaru, and the samurai ends up dead. Tajomaru is captured shortly afterward and is put on trial, but his story and the wife’s are so completely different that a psychic is brought in to allow the murdered man to give his own testimony. He tells yet another completely different story. Finally, a woodcutter who found the body reveals that he saw the whole thing, and his version is again completely different from the others. Who is telling the truth? What is truth? Toshir? Mifune – Taj?maru Machiko Ky? – Masako Kanazawa Masayuki Mori – Takehiro Kanazawa Takashi Shimura – Woodcutter Minoru Chiaki – Priest Kichijiro Ueda – Commoner Fumiko Honma – Medium Daisuke Kat? – Policeman

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