R-Point, ? ???

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller.
Date: 2004
Parts: 1
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A long-lost unit of Korean soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war dispatches a distress signal six months after everybody considered them dead. A squad of nine men is sent to investigate the situation, especially since the call came from a non-combat area. They come to the R-Point area, and in the midst of a vast field they discover a solitary mansion, empty and dilapidated. The area of a massive burial ground was considered sacred by the Vietnamese, and an inscription on the stone says that no one who?s got blood on their hands will leave the spot. But ? they are soldiers and, of course, their hands are bloody…. Woo-seong Kam – Lieutenant Choi Tae-in Byung-ho Son – Sergeant Jin Chang-rok Tae-kyung Oh – Sergeant Jang Young-soo Won-sang Park – Sergeant Cook Seon-gyun Lee – Sergeant Park Jin-ho Song – Sergeant Oh Byeong-cheol Kim – Corporal Joh Byung-hoon Kyeong-ho Jeong – Corporal Lee Jae-pil Yeong-dong Mun – Corporal Byun Ju-bong G – Captain Park

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