Protege, Moon to

Genre: Thriller.
Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Nick (Daniel Wu), an undercover in the heart of Asia’s lucrative heroin trade, is a protege to drug lord Quin (Andy Lau). In 8 years he eventually gains his trust and next in line to take over from his ill mentor. As Nick infiltrates the syndicate to get enough evidence to arrest the retiring Quin, the unwritten law of brotherhood blurs with his professional duties. Thrown in the mix is his attachment to a domestic fracas involving a junkie mother Fan (Zhang Jing Chu) and her daughter, together with her dealer husband. He is a confused chap when deals with human emotions, of deep friendship, trust and betrayal in the illicit business. (Source: Unknown) Andy Lau – Kwan – Banker Daniel Wu – Nick Louis Koo – Jane’s Husband Anita Yuen – Kwan’s Wife Jingchu Zhang – Jane

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