Police Story II

Police Story II, Jackie Chan’s Police Story ~ Jing cha gu shi xu ji (China: Mandarin title) ~ Kowloon’s Eye ~ Police Force II ~ Police Story 2 ~ Police Story Sequel (literal English title)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller.
Date: 1988
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Despite his success at apprehending criminals, Kevin Chan’s unorthadox approach to his work as a police officer sees him demoted to the traffic branch. Despite this, the manhe put behind bars is now out of prison, and has vowed to make his life a misery. While this crime boss his harrassing Kevin and his girlfriend, the police are contemplating reinstating Kevin to help them fight a group of bomberss attempting to extort $10 million from building owners. Jackie Chan …. Chan Ka Kui Maggie Cheung …. May Kwok-Hung Lam …. Supt. Raymond Li Bill Tung …. Bill Wong Benny Lai …. Deaf Criminal John Cheung …. Cheung Charlie Cho …. John Ko Yuen Chor …. Mr. Chu Ben Lam …. Tall Pau Chi Fai Chan …. Ngor San Kwan …. President Fung Mars …. Kim Isabella Wong …. Secretary of President Fung Ann Mui …. Karen Siu-Ming Lau …. Senior Police Official

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