Date: 2004
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Miyavi plays a rockstar in Japan (a role he should be comfortable fitting into) in the year 2003. After being ambushed by screaming fangirls he enters a van, in which he falls asleep and is *magically* transported back to the year 1984. Receiving various reactions from the locals for his “”fake”” Japanese bills and eccentric attire, he reads a newspaper and realizes he’s no longer in 2003. Meeting up with a local musician, he makes some friends, forms a band and various amusing antics ensue, including Miyavi meeting himself as a child and playing a live show for a bunch of screaming fans. Before long, however, Miyavi realizes he can’t stick around in 1984 and he has to return to his present. The movie covers the story of how the ‘hero’, who has no house and no money he can use, meets other musicians and forms a band so they can make money to live off of. It is a ‘half-autobiography’, meaning it’s partly based on Miyavi’s real experiences in the music industry. Miyavi Takano Hassei Kubata Shouta Hamasama Akane Oogushi Erika Matsushima Ryouta

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