One Missed Call II

One Missed Call II, “”Chakushin Ari 2″”
Genre: Horror.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In One Missed Call 2, the dreaded cell phone curse returns to wreak havoc on the lives of a young teacher named Kyoko and her loyal boyfriend Naoto. While enjoying a night out with friends at a Chinese restaurant, Kyoko receives an eerie call, but strangely, instead of dying three days later, tragedy strikes almost immediately and not to Kyoko directly. Since one of the deaths in the original film occurred on television, both Kyoko and Naoto are familiar with the urban legend and find themselves at a loss on how to solve the problem. Luckily for them, a plucky journalist named Takako is on the case, enlisting the help of Detective Motomiya who’s pieced together quite a bit about how the curse works. * Mimura, Yu Yoshizawa * Asaka Seto * Peter Ho Yun-Tung * Renji Ishibashi

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