Ngayong Nandito Ka

Ngayong Nandito Ka, Now That You’re Here

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Garie and Rocky, both members of an up-and-coming band, fall madly in love. But with their night-and-day backgrounds hindering their romance, a family intervention soon splits them apart. Two years later when they meet again, Rocky finds Garie engaged to another man — and Garie finds herself still attracted to her old flame. But is it too late to rekindle what they had? Kristine Hermosa – Garie Jericho Rosales – Rocky Onemig Bondoc – Derick Jaime Fabregas Cindy Kurleto – Angela Carlo Mu?oz Gigette Reyes

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