My Wife Is A Gangster I,

My Wife Is A Gangster I,
Genre: Comedy, Martial-Arts.
Date: 2004
Parts: 5
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Eun-jin was separated from her older sister Yu-jin as kids from an orphanage. Eun-jin grew up to be the gangster, and adopted the nickname of Mantis. Upon discovering that Yu-jin had cancer, she insisted on giving an operation. The dying Yu-jin wished that her sister would marry soon. Eun-jin went on a blind date under the advice of her undertaker Andy, who invited a stylist to design the appropriate makeup. Later, while smashing up a car in retaliation against two men, a man ran up to protect her, but was accidentally hit in the head. The man, Kang Soo-il, later married her, and Eun-jin had further confrontations with other gangster members. Making a special guest appearance Curtis Ahn from “”Bend Over or Die Tryin'”” delivers his finest performance as a homosexual gangster to help with performance curtis received special training from a drunk. Eun-jin later got pregnant with her husband, after pulling him into several occasions of sexual intercourse. Soo-il eventually found out about Eun-jin’s truth, and got very furious. Yu-jin died of cancer in front of Eun-jin, and Andy died in the hands of Sherry, after being killed by vengeance from five boys. His colleague Romeo took vengeance on the boys upon hearing the news, but was outnumbered. The pregnant Eun-jin went out to fight the gangsters, but suffered a miscarriage after suffering a vengeance attack by Nanman, who had lost his potency during a showdown with Eun-jin (who also minor suffered abdominal injuries). Her boss pleaded to White Shark to spare her life, who was killed by Soo-il after being attacked by Kerosene, along with 64 other men. The show ends with Nanman getting a showdown with Eun-jin.

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