My Kung Fu Sweetheart,

My Kung Fu Sweetheart,
Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Phoebe (Cecilia Cheung) is the daughter of two Kung Fu masters (Yuen Qiu & Yuen Wah) and started learning martial arts from the Kung Fu Academy on top of the Cloud Mountain since a teenager. Phoebe’s parents are divorced and Phoebe soon graduates to be a Kung Fu expert herself but she has to keep her martial arts skills a secret. Phoebe falls in love with Dragon (Leo Ku) at her work place, but Dragon is suspicious of Phoebe’s Kung Fu skills. One day, Phoebe meets White Eyebrows, a traitor of the Kung Fu Academy that she vows to take on. But the only way is by learning the “”True Love Kung Fu”” along with Dragon and her parents.

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