My God

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?, Eri, Eri, rema sabachttani?
Genre: SciFi.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Mizui and Asahara form a two-man band, an experimental noise music outfit that was once the toast of the town. Today, 2015 A.D., the pair live secluded in the countryside not far from the sea, where they scour the environment in search of waste and abandoned objects to use in their sonic experiments. While on their routes, they blissfully ignore the mountains of corpses that dot the land, victims of the virus dubbed ‘The Lemming Syndrome’ that is sweeping the world leaving only death in its wake. Oddly enough, the two men and their only human contact, a lady innkeeper named Navi seem unaffected by the disease, which is exactly why an enigmatic millionaire shows up on their doorstep in a stolen ambulance one afternoon, his gun-toting P.I. flunky and teenage daughter in tow. The girl has caught the disease and her father is convinced that Mizui and Asahara’s music is the key to beating its symptoms and saving her life. Tadanobu Asano … Mizui Aoi Miyazaki … Hana Mariko Okada … Navi Masaya Nakahara … Asuhara Yasutaka Tsutsui … Miyagi Masahiro Toda … Natsuishi Shingo Tsurumi … Kazemoto Yusuke Kawazu … Miyazawa Erika Oda … Eriko

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