My Girl,

My Girl,
Parts: 2
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Separated from the other neighborhood boys by a busy street his mother won’t let him cross, the young Jeab (Charlie Trairattana) spends his days playing with Noi Nah (Focus Jirakul), the girl next door whose intelligence, enthusiasm and energy make her the leader of the two. Adolescence changes Jeab’s immediate social group and he starts hanging around with the other boys, and even agrees to torment the other girls, including Noi Nah, at his newfound friends’ behest. Noi Nah becomes understandably upset and angry, and soon after, her family moves to another province. Jaeb doesn’t see her again…till 20 years later, when he receives an invitation to Noi Nah’s Wedding. He wants to attend her special day, of course, but how can he live down the shame of his earlier irresponsible actions?

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