My 11th Mother

My 11th Mother, Eleventh Mother

Genre: Family.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A woman suddenly appears at Jae-su?s house. Nothing in her hands, nowhere to go, the woman?s empty eyes meet with round eyes of the eleven year-old boy. He regards the woman as another person who?ll leave and does not put any effort into getting to know her. Every chance he finds, the boy scolds the woman, saying she eats too much, sleeps like a pig and uses up all of the utilities. The two of them are neck and neck with complaints until she learns of the boy?s sad history and he discovers her diabetes. The boy has already had 10 stepmothers in the past. Out of the blue the boy?s father shows up and begins beating the boy. She tries to stop him and they find themselves on common ground. A warm relationship between the two begins to build up slowly, not aware of the eventual separation that is just around the corner. Kim Hye-soo Kim Young-chan Ryoo Seung-yong

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