Mr 3 Minutes,

Mr 3 Minutes,
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ronald Cheng is the 30-year-old Scott Chung, son of a wealthy businessman who runs a bridal salon. Bearing in mind his motto, ?work hard, play hard?, Scott swears that he will never get married, not to mention having children. To his surprise, a 6-year-old kid Wing Yin suddenly calls him ?Daddy? in public! While Scott cannot prove him to be his son, he cannot prove the otherwise either. So he decides to apply his efficiency at work – getting each task done in 3 minutes – to taking care of Wing Ying by spending only 3 minutes with him everyday. But he soon feels upset when Wing Ying can communicate with every one except him? * Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei (???) * Cherrie Ying Choi-Yee (???) * Teresa Mo Suen-Kwan (???) * Theresa Fu Wing (??)- * Au Ka Hing (???)

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