Mom Never Dies

Mom Never Dies, Mother, Eo-meo-ni-neun Jook-ji Anh-neun-da

Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Gupabal is an old village that is soon to disappear into history due to redevelopment. An hour before the evacuated area is scheduled to be detonated, a famous elderly novelist named CHOI Ho sneaks into the village carrying a small bundle. Arriving at the old home where he was raised, CHOI embarks on a journey through the past via a beautiful reunion with his already-deceased mother. However in the midst of these travels through old memories, he accidentally discovers the secret that his mother has been hiding… Han Hye-Suk Ha Myeong-Jung Ha Sang-Won Park Ha-Seon Kim Seung-Wook Bae Si-Woon Oh Yu-Jin Jeong Se-Hyeong Hong Seong-Su No Min-Woo Son Hyeon-Ho Lee Seul(a) Park Suk-Hyeon

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