Mask On The Moon,

Mask On The Moon,
Genre: Martial-Arts.
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A young Choshu Clan swordsman, Tsukigata Hanpeita, longs for the day when rival clans cease their struggles for power and put an end to meaningless feudal wars. When he is appointed to oversee the Choshu Clan, he takes it upon himself to work towards the peace that he has dreamed about. With his affectionate personality and comp-assion for life, Hanpeita’s popularity grows among the people, making him a threat to those thirsty for conflict and power. A betrayal by those closest to him leaves Hanpeita caught in a trap that could ultimately cost him his life. This unusual story bears a strong similarity to that of Sakamoto Ryoma, another samurai who wanted to open Japan to the West in order to learn the technology and then use it to defeat the European powers, whle avoiding bloodshed between Japanese people. Like Ryoma, Tsukigata Hanpeita was a man who had a vision of the future that eventually would come to pass. This is one of Okawa Hashizo’s finest dramatic performances highlighted by plenty of exciting swordplay. Toei All-star cast!!

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